As a European Wholesaler in Marine Aquatics, we are always improving and evolving.

Taking in consideration that nowadays everybody can easily take a photo/video with their phone and send via email, we revised our claim policy.

From now on we will credit all items dead on arrival, except for those marked on the website and invoice as impossible to claim.


Be aware that the DOA claim will only be credited when:


- The photo/video/link is send to within 24 hours of arrival. Claim via whatsapp    will not be accepted

- It’s clear which animal is in the bag.

- It’s clear the animal is DOA (a broken Montipora, Acropora etc. is not a DOA).

- When more than one animal arrives DOA please make an overview photo of all animals outside the bag on top of the box as well.



This new claim policy applies to every stock order and no exceptions will be made!

Please inform all your employees, so these new rules are clear for everybody and there will be no mistakes.


Thanks for your understanding in this.



With best regards, 



Team Reeffishcenter Breda