Acanthella Cavernosa - Orange Bee Sponge
  • Acanthella Cavernosa - Orange Bee Sponge

Acanthella Cavernosa - Orange Bee Sponge

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Acanthella Cavernosa - Orange Bee Sponge

Originating from the Indian Ocean, the Bee Sponge is also known as the Spiny Sponge. They are a beautiful bright orange coloration and have many short branches that come to a sharp point. The Bee Sponge will typically grow in a clustered configuration. They are relatively difficult to maintain, but can have a dramatic effect in a mature reef aquarium.

The ideal environment for the Bee Sponge is a mature reef aquarium that contains plenty of live rock and corals for the sponge to feed upon. They should be placed out of the direct light, and algae or cyanobacteria should never be allowed to settle in the crevices of the sponge. A moderate, indirect water current will aid in keeping the sponge free of debris.

Never allow the Bee Sponge to be in contact with the open air. If it does contact air, be sure to rotate the sponge in all directions in order to release any air bubbles that may have been trapped in its branches.

Since it is non-photosynthetic, the diet of the Bee Sponge needs to be supplemented with feedings of phyto and zooplankton, marine snow, and by stirring the aquarium's substrate regularly.


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