Ctenochaetus Truncatus (M)

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Ctenochaetus Truncatus

Ctenochaetus Truncatus (M)- Gold ringed Bristle tooth 

A Ctenochaetus Strigosus is a wonderful addition to your aquarium. The Gold-ringed Bristle-tooth or Indian gold-ringed bristle-tooth grows about 16 cm long and needs a lot of swimming space, so they are definitely not suitable for smaller aquariums.

Doctor fish are mainly algae eaters, so this should definitely not be missing in their menu, otherwise they will get intestinal problems and cannot digest the food properly.

These fish are quite sensitive to spots and can also be quite aggressive to conspecifics.Therefore, place these animals last in the aquarium, if you want more than one doctor fish in the aquarium it is highly recommended to place these animals in the aquarium at the same time to avoid quarrels.


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