Stichodactyla Tapetum - Mini Carpet Anemone
  • Stichodactyla Tapetum - Mini Carpet Anemone

Stichodactyla Tapetum - Mini Carpet Anemone

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Cryptodendrum Adhaesivum - Pizza Anemone

The Pizza Anemone is one of the largest of all the anemones, reaching a diameter of over three feet in the wild. It is hardier than many of the other anemones, and has smaller tentacles than Stychodactyla sp.

Pizza Anemones should be placed in a tank with strong lighting, good water movement, and a sandy or gravel bottom, with some rocks. It will often migrate in search of an ideal location. Placing a Clownfish, preferably Amphiprion polymnusA. clarkii, or A. sebae in the aquarium will immediately help with its acclimatization. A healthy Carpet Saddle Anemone will be very sticky. If it can grasp onto something (or someone), it will be very difficult to convince it to let go without damaging it.

The short tentacles are very toxic and stick to the skin, so use caution when cleaning the aquarium.

Once acclimated, the Pizza Anemone should be fed a diet of fish, shrimp, mussels, and other meaty foods.


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