Pavona Cactus sp.
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Pavona Cactus sp.

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The corals on the pictures shown are an impression and is not the coral itself that we send. 

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Pavona Cactus

Pavona is a genus of coral belonging to the family Agariciidae. It is commonly referred to as "Cactus Coral" due to its resemblance to a cactus plant. Pavona corals are found in tropical marine environments, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region. They are known for their unique and intricate skeletal structure, which forms a branching or plate-like shape. Pavona corals come in various colors, including shades of green, brown, and sometimes even vibrant pinks and purples. They are popular among reef aquarium enthusiasts for their beautiful appearance and interesting growth patterns.


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Type LPS
Goniostrea | Cyphastrea | Pavona

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